In the midst of the edtech buzz of 2021, there emerged a unique player focused not just on academics but on the holistic development of children. Enter Orphicy Beyond the Ordinary, based in Ahmedabad and founded by Vipul Tyagi, Ujjwal Nagar, Mukesh Pareek, and Arpit Mehta in June 2021. Their platform aims to foster equal growth in academics, extracurricular activities, and other essential aspects for children to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

With a collective academic experience exceeding 50 years, the founders bring diverse expertise to Orphicy. Ujjwal, an engineer, leads marketing and branding. Vipul, a CAT faculty member, oversees curriculum design and execution. Mukesh, with an MBA background, manages operations and content development, drawing from his corporate experience with L’Oreal India. Arpit, a graphic designer, focuses on customer outreach and growth strategies.

Driven by a passion for teaching and a desire to innovate education, the founders envision Orphicy as more than just a coaching center—it’s a platform for meaningful transformation. They believe in nurturing students’ personalities alongside their academic scores, starting from their formative years. With a vision to become a value-for-money coaching alternative, they aim to reach 200,000 students and generate over Rs 600 crore in revenue within the next five years, while also expanding internationally.

Orphicy’s teaching methodology involves pre-class lectures for textbook content, interactive in-class sessions for discussions and activities, and post-class sessions with tests and revision materials. The platform is accessible online and through a mobile app, catering to students from classes IV to X, aged 8 to 16, across India and internationally through programs like ‘Mini MBA for Teens’.

In addition to core curriculum programs, Orphicy offers specialized courses like Orphicy Aspire (Global) for global curriculum and SAT preparation, Orphicy Aspire (Public Sector) for civil services exam preparation, and Mini MBA for Teens with a focus on entrepreneurship. The founders also prioritize social responsibility through initiatives like Orphicy Solutions, providing free tuition to underprivileged students, and ‘Orphicy Essentials’, offering pre-recorded content for self-study.

Looking ahead, Orphicy aims to continue innovating education, bridging gaps, and empowering students to excel in all aspects of their development.

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