Microsoft has announced that it will be ending support for Android apps on Windows PCs. This decision comes as the company looks to focus on its own app ecosystem and improve the overall user experience on Windows devices.

What Does This Mean for Windows Users?

For Windows users who have been using Android apps on their PCs, this change may come as a disappointment. However, Microsoft has stated that they will continue to support existing installations of Android apps on Windows devices until June 30, 2022.

Why Is Microsoft Ending Support for Android Apps?

Microsoft has said that they are ending support for Android apps in order to streamline their app ecosystem and provide a more consistent user experience across all Windows devices. By focusing on their own app store, Microsoft hopes to improve security, performance, and reliability for users.

What Should Windows Users Do?

If you are currently using Android apps on your Windows PC, it is recommended that you start looking for alternative solutions before the end of support date. This could include finding similar apps in the Microsoft Store or exploring other third-party options.


In conclusion, Microsoft’s decision to end support for Android apps on Windows PCs is a strategic move aimed at improving the overall user experience on their devices. While this change may require some adjustment for current users, it ultimately serves to enhance security and reliability for all Windows users.

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