ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-4 in two parts, assemble modules in space while in orbit: Chief Somanath
ISRO to launch Chandrayaan-4 in two parts, assemble modules in space while in orbit: Chief Somanath

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has announced its plans to launch Chandrayaan-4 in two parts, with the modules being assembled while in orbit. This groundbreaking approach is a testament to ISRO’s commitment to innovation and advancement in space exploration.

Chief Somanath’s Vision

Chief Somanath, the director of ISRO’s U R Rao Satellite Centre, revealed this ambitious plan during a recent press conference. He explained that by launching Chandrayaan-4 in two parts and assembling the modules in space, ISRO aims to reduce costs and streamline the mission process.

“This new approach will allow us to maximize our resources and efficiency, enabling us to achieve our goals faster and more effectively,” Chief Somanath stated confidently.

The Benefits of Modular Assembly

Assembling modules in space offers several advantages over traditional one-piece spacecraft launches. By launching smaller components separately, ISRO can overcome logistical constraints and minimize risks associated with large-scale launches.

This modular approach also allows for greater flexibility and adaptability during mission execution. If any component fails or needs adjustment, it can be easily replaced or reconfigured without jeopardizing the entire mission.

Chandrayaan-4 Mission Objectives

The primary objective of Chandrayaan-4 is to further explore the Moon’s surface and gather valuable data on its geology, mineralogy, and atmosphere. The spacecraft will carry advanced instruments and sensors designed to enhance our understanding of lunar conditions.

In addition to scientific research, Chandrayaan-4 will also test new technology for future space missions. ISRO aims to push the boundaries of exploration and pave the way for more complex missions beyond Earth’s orbit.


In conclusion, ISRO’s decision to launch Chandrayaan-4 in two parts and assemble modules in space represents a significant milestone in India’s space program. This innovative approach reflects ISRO’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers.

We look forward to witnessing the success of Chandrayaan-4 and its contributions to advancing our knowledge of the Moon and beyond.

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