Apple Music picks its first Indian artist, Karan Aujla, for its ‘Up Next’ programme
Apple Music picks its first Indian artist, Karan Aujla, for its ‘Up Next’ programme

Apple Music, one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world, has recently announced its selection of Indian artist Karan Aujla for its prestigious ‘Up Next’ programme. This marks a significant milestone for Aujla and showcases his talent on a global platform.

Karan Aujla:

Karan Aujla is a renowned Punjabi singer, songwriter, and lyricist hailing from Punjab, India. With hits like “Don’t Look” and “Hint,” he has gained immense popularity in the music industry. His unique blend of Punjabi folk and contemporary rap has captivated audiences worldwide.

‘Up Next’ Programme:

The ‘Up Next’ programme by Apple Music shines a spotlight on emerging artists from around the world. It provides them with exclusive promotional opportunities, including features in playlists, interviews, and performances. By selecting Karan Aujla for this programme, Apple Music recognizes his talent and potential to become a global sensation.

Impact on Indian Music Industry:

Aujla’s selection for the ‘Up Next’ programme not only elevates his career but also paves the way for other Indian artists to gain recognition on an international platform. This move highlights the diverse talent present in India’s music industry and opens doors for collaborations and cross-cultural exchanges.

Global Reach:

With Apple Music’s extensive reach across the globe, Karan Aujla’s music will now reach a wider audience than ever before. This exposure will not only boost his fan base but also establish him as a force to be reckoned with in the international music scene.

Recognition and Opportunities:

Being selected for Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ programme puts Karan Aujla in esteemed company alongside other rising stars in the music industry. This recognition can lead to various opportunities like collaborations with established artists, performances at major events, and increased visibility on digital platforms.

In Conclusion:

The selection of Karan Aujla for Apple Music’s ‘Up Next’ programme is a testament to his musical prowess and popularity. It not only validates his standing in the Indian music industry but also propels him onto the global stage. This achievement opens new doors for Aujla and sets a precedent for aspiring artists looking to make their mark on an international scale.

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