Cabinet approves Rs 2,870 crore funding for Varanasi International Airport expansion
Cabinet approves Rs 2,870 crore funding for Varanasi International Airport expansion

The Cabinet has recently approved a significant amount of Rs 2,870 crore for the expansion of Varanasi International Airport. This decision marks a crucial step towards enhancing connectivity and infrastructure in the region.

The funding will be utilized for the development of key facilities at the airport, including the construction of new terminals, runway extensions, and modernization of existing infrastructure. This investment is expected to boost air travel in and out of Varanasi, making it more accessible to passengers from across the country and around the world.

Key Highlights:

  • The Rs 2,870 crore funding will support the expansion and modernization of Varanasi International Airport.
  • New terminals will be constructed to accommodate increasing passenger traffic.
  • Runway extensions will enhance operational capabilities at the airport.
  • The funding will also be used for upgrading existing infrastructure to meet international standards.

Impact on Connectivity:

The expansion of Varanasi International Airport is expected to have a significant impact on connectivity in the region. With improved facilities and enhanced operational capabilities, the airport will be able to handle larger aircraft and accommodate more flights. This will not only benefit passengers traveling to and from Varanasi but also boost tourism and trade in the area.

Furthermore, the modernization of Varanasi International Airport will play a crucial role in strengthening India’s aviation sector. By investing in key infrastructure projects like this one, the government is laying the foundation for sustainable growth and development in the industry.


The approval of Rs 2,870 crore funding for the expansion of Varanasi International Airport is a positive development that underscores the government’s commitment to improving connectivity and infrastructure in India. This investment will not only benefit passengers and airlines but also contribute to economic growth and development in Varanasi and beyond.

We look forward to witnessing the progress made on this project and seeing how it will transform Varanasi into a premier aviation hub in the years to come.

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