NCPCR Raises Concerns Over Ullu App's Obscene Content
NCPCR Raises Concerns Over Ullu App’s Obscene Content

NCPCR Seeks Action Against Ullu App Over Distribution Of ‘Obscene, Objectionable’ Content

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has recently raised concerns over the distribution of objectionable content by the Ullu app. The NCPCR has urged authorities to take strict action against the app for promoting obscene and objectionable content.

What is Ullu App?

Ullu is an Indian online streaming platform that primarily focuses on erotic and adult-themed content. The app offers a wide range of web series, short films, and movies that cater to a mature audience.

Concerns Raised by NCPCR

The NCPCR has expressed serious concerns about the impact of such content on children and adolescents. The commission believes that exposure to obscene and objectionable content can have detrimental effects on the psychological well-being of young viewers.

The NCPCR has highlighted the following issues with the Ullu app:

  • Explicit sexual content targeting a young audience
  • Inappropriate depiction of relationships and intimacy
  • Irresponsible portrayal of violence and abuse
  • Lack of age verification mechanisms

Action Demanded by NCPCR

The NCPCR has called for stringent action against the Ullu app to protect children from exposure to harmful content. The commission has requested the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to ban or restrict access to platforms that distribute obscene material.

The NCPCR has also proposed the following measures:

  1. Regulation of online streaming platforms to ensure age-appropriate content
  2. Mandatory implementation of parental controls and age verification systems
  3. Strict enforcement of guidelines to prevent the dissemination of harmful material
  4. Collaboration with law enforcement agencies to monitor and crackdown on offenders

Response from Ullu App

In response to the allegations made by the NCPCR, Ullu app has stated that it is committed to providing entertainment that adheres to legal standards. The app claims to have stringent content moderation policies in place to ensure compliance with regulations.

“We take our responsibility towards our viewers seriously and are continuously reviewing our content offerings to ensure they meet ethical standards,” said a spokesperson for Ullu.


The controversy surrounding the Ullu app highlights the need for stricter regulation of online streaming platforms. It is essential to safeguard children from exposure to inappropriate content that could have a negative impact on their development.

The NCPCR’s call for action against the Ullu app serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect young viewers from harmful influences.

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