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Explore the Latest Startup Grants and Funding Opportunities – March Edition

Discover an array of funding opportunities and grants designed for startups across various sectors. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a growing startup, or an innovative thinker, these opportunities could be your gateway to scale new heights. Dive into our comprehensive list and find the right fit for your venture this March.

Sector: Deep Tech & AI

1. PfizerINDovation: NIPER Ahmedabad Edition

About: A grant of INR 25 lakhs is provided by the program, along with other benefits like product development facilities, advisory services for manufacturing design, customer discovery and market identification, regulatory roadmap planning advice, pre-clinical research with partner hospitals, and tech transfer support from NIPER Ahmedabad.

Eligibility: DPIIT recognized Startups; Healthcare; TRL Level 3 and above

Area: Deeptech & Artificial Intelligence for predictive analysis; Point of Care testing; SAAS, Informatics and Wearable devices; Trace and trace solutions

Last Date: April 17th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: Pfizer

Amount: Grant of INR 25 Lakhs

Sector: Clean Technology

2. T-Angel Cohort 7 @T-Hub

About: Startups in consumer, enterprise, and clean tech can access funding opportunities through the Investment Readiness Program at T-Angel. Participants will train for demo day—where they will pitch to individual investors, angel networks, and early-stage VC funds—over the course of a 100-day sprint. Startups have the opportunity to grow their businesses and get funding.

Eligibility: Bootstrapped startups; DPIIT registered; aiming to raise between 2cr to 6.5cr ready for their next leap in growth; A proven business model with a minimum of ₹3-5 Lakh Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Area: Clean tech; Enterprise tech; Consumer tech

Last Date: March 10th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: T-Hub

Amount: Funding opportunities


3. Beehive avoidance – Safe removal of beehives @tatainnoverse @tatasteel

About: Come along with Tata Innoverse as we lead the way in developing safe, cutting-edge methods for removing beehives from public and private spaces. In order to ensure the survival of bee populations and their essential contributions to the ecosystem, novel, non-lethal methods of repelling bees or removing hives are being sought after, as current removal strategies are either costly or unsuccessful. A sum of INR 2,50,000 will be awarded to the chosen solution.

Eligibility: Startups, Organisations and Individuals

Area: Industrial engineering and automation

Last Date: March 12th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: Tata Innoverse

Amount: INR 2,50,000

4. Northeast India’s biggest Hunt for ICT-based business ideas, the MeitY TIDE 2.0 Northeast Techathon – X3, is all set to kickstart from Tripura!

About: Prepare yourself for a voyage that could lead to opportunities for your business ideas that could change the game, aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders from the state! In addition to financial rewards and certificates, MeitY’s Grant and EiR programs may offer grants to winners, while IIM Calcutta Innovation Park may provide incubator help.

Eligibility: Aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders from Tripura

Area: ICT-based business ideas

Last Date: March 05, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: IIM Calcutta

Amount: Cash prizes, potential grants under MeitY’s Grant and EiR programs, incubation support

5. IIHMR StartupsIIHMR Startups2,346 followers2,346 followers

About: With great pleasure, IIHMR Startups announces the opening of Saamarthya 2.0, the second cohort of our renowned incubation program designed for healthcare industry startups at the post-MVP or revenue-generating stage. The baseline duration of this all-inclusive program is four months, but it can be extended to six months for really promising firms that could use further mentorship. Targeting health sector companies in their early to post-MVP stages, the program is designed for individuals who have already started generating income and are motivated to grow their businesses. 💰 Take advantage of the chance to also win an equity-free grant of up to INR 20,000,000.

Eligibility: Healthcare startups in post-MVP or revenue-generating stage

Last Date: March 30, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: IIHMR Startups

Amount: Equity-free grant up to INR 20,00,000

Sector: Energy Efficiency

6. Ideas for Using Hybrid Technology to Reduce the Power Consumption of Washing Machines @IFB Refrigeration Limited

About: The goal of this request for proposals is to find creative ways to cut washing machine power usage by 20% or more. The steps in the washing machine cycle are filling, heating, draining, rinsing, and spinning. Both the heating of the water and the running of the motor use maximum power. Alternative motor types, novel motor designs, effective water heating technologies, and AI/software-driven design modifications could all be part of the solution. Up to ₹4000000 in funding is available.

Eligibility: Institutions

Area: Energy Efficiency

Last Date: March 14th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: IFB Refrigeration Limited

Amount: Up to ₹4000000


Sector: Environment & Sustainability

7. I2S2 @AIC-Seed

About: This is an incubator call for entrepreneurs with help from NDR Auto Components Ltd. and Bharat Seats Ltd. in the area of CSR. Grant aid may be available to early-stage firms to help them develop proofs of concept, validate technology, and demonstrate its functionality.

Eligibility: Registered Indian Startups; Women led startups; Innovations in Polymer Technology; Potential to create social, economic and environmental impact.

Area: Clean and green energy; Environment and Sustainability

Last Date: March 7th, 2024; 10:29:59 AM IST

Link to apply:

Host: AIC-Seed

Amount: Grants upto 10 Lakhs

Sector: Healthcare


About: This program’s objective is to help young, aspiring inventors by providing funding and support from concept to prototype. Prototyping should be the main focus of inventors using the PRAYAS award. Offerings: 10 lakhs in grant money, tech credits, coworking space, networking opportunities, industry experts, academics, and entrepreneurs’ mentorship, as well as access to a prototype lab.

Eligibility: Individuals; Innovators: Indian; Minimum 18 years old; Startups: the period of existence should not exceed 7 years; should have annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 25 lakhs; IP generated would vest with the start-up

Area: Biotechnology;Healthcare;Lifesciences

Last Date: March 10th, 2024

Link to apply:


Amount: Grant of 10 Lakhs

9. NSRCEL-Orbit 4

About: Tech-enabled social innovations with a viable business model are supported by an incubation program that helps them develop, deploy, and have a positive social impact. Benefits: Clear value proposition and business model; government partnerships and introductions; alternative funding sources and preparedness for fundraising; impact metric ready.

Eligibility: Registered for profit or non-profit entity; In operations atleast a year; at Early Revenue or Growth stage; with proven POC or pilots; tech-enabled; have digitally inclusive innovations; Directly impact Sustainable Development Goals and the Human Development Index.

Area: Circular Economy; Climate Tech; Rural Innovations; Tech-enabled Social innovations

Last Date: March 4th, 2024

Link to apply:


Amount: Funding and fundraising support

Sector: Agriculture

10. Abhinav/Udbhav 6.0 @RKVY RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubator (IGKV R-ABI) @Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur

About: Aspiring agri-startups, agri-preneurs, and student entrepreneurs are invited to apply for the upcoming cohort 6.0 at IGKV R-ABI, Raipur, for its two flagship programs, “Abhinav 6.0” (giving up to 5 lakhs) and “UDBHAV 6.0” (providing up to 25 lakhs).

Eligibility: Early-stage Agri-preneurs; Agri-startups; Student entrepreneur

Last Date: March 15th, 2024; 06:59:59 pm

Link to apply:


Amount: Up to 5 lakhs (Abhinav 6.0) or up to 25 lakhs (UDBHAV 6.0)

Sector: Mobility

11. Mobility Incubation Program @NSRCEL @Maruti Suzuki India Limited

About: An MVP/paid pilot 6-month incubation program for automotive and mobility entrepreneurs looking to scale up. Offerings: Mentoring, Paid POC with Maruti Suzuki, Prizes Up to ₹1 Cr, Access to Domain Experts, Investor Connect, and More.

Eligibility: Startups; in operation for less than 5 years; received funding of less than ₹8-10 Cr; not have more than 50 member team; a technology based company; incorporated in India

Area: Green Manufacturing; Mobility; Mobility Infrastructure; Vehicle Technology; Data & AI; Clean Tech

Last Date: March 6th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: NSRCEL & Maruti Suzuki

Amount: Prizes up to ₹1 Cr

Sector: Social Impact

12. The 2024 Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs @Yunus & Youth

About: a specially designed six-month online program that enables youth to create, grow, and extend creative, profitable social enterprises that support the accomplishment of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Offerings: Free online training; highly customized learning environment; mentoring; international exposure and networks; global community of social business leaders; final pitch competition in front of social entrepreneurship experts.

Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30; they must identify as women or non-binary; and they must be the main decision-makers in groups established to address social or sustainable issues in their community. The candidates pledged to develop a business plan that would enable their company to grow, be financially stable, and measure its impact.

Last Date: March 7th, 2024; 11:59 PM ET

Link to apply:

Host: Yunus & Youth

Amount: Potential funding opportunities

Sector: Skill Development & Livelihoods

13. Skill India Digital Accelerator program by T-Hub, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation and HDFC Bank | Parivartan.

About: Get funding for your business and use innovation to change the skill set. Participate in T-Hub’s Skill India Digital Accelerator program, which is being conducted in association with HDFC Bank | Parivartan and the National Skill Development Corporation. Focus areas include job matching, career counseling, gig economy support, skill development, employment opportunities, and training for underprivileged communities.

Eligibility: MVP-ready and market-ready startups addressing workforce challenges

Area: Skill development, employment opportunities, gig economy, career counselling, job matching, training for underserved communities

Last Date: March 5th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: T-Hub, National Skill Development Corporation, HDFC Bank

Amount: Grants

Sector: Sustainability

14. Greenr Sustainability Accelerator’s Cohort 2 @TechnoServe @IKEA Foundation @the IKEA Foundation @Visa Foundation

About: An equity-free program running for a year, this TechnoServe project gives businesses upending the environmental action area access to business and technical consultants, funding and fundraising opportunities, and market connections.

Eligibility: Organisation; Revenue-generating; Private Limited; LLP; Partnership; Sole Proprietorship; Operational for a minimum of 3 years, Showcasing resilience and scalability; Holds opportunity for outsized environment impact.

Area: Waste Management; Textiles; Forestry; Renewable Energy; ClimateTech; E-Mobility

Last Date: March 8th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: TechnoServe, IKEA Foundation, Visa Foundation

Amount: Acceleration support

Sector: Waste Management

15. Plastic-Free Orders Packathon Zomato Startup India

About: Zomato extends an invitation to innovators and entrepreneurs to take part in the Zomato Plastic-Free Orders Packathon in collaboration with Startup India. Prize money for the top three Packathon winners is ₹10 lakhs, ₹5 lakhs, and ₹3 lakhs.

Eligibility: Startups; DPIIT-recognized; Solutions developed by start-ups must be designed specifically for food delivery packaging in restaurants catering to online food ordering; Solutions should either be in the prototype stage or the product stage

Area: Sustainable Food Delivery Packaging

Last Date: March 5th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: Zomato & Startup India

Amount: Prize money of ₹10 lakhs, ₹5 lakhs, and ₹3 lakhs

Sector: Miscellaneous

16. Nxp India Tech Startup Challenge 2024 @NXP SEMICONDUCTORS

About: With Season 4 of the “India Tech Startup Challenge,” NXP India is back with the goal of fostering connections, teamwork, and support among Indian tech startups. The top 10 entrepreneurs will pitch their value propositions to NXP and business partners at this event, which gives startups worldwide exposure and networking possibilities. The top three firms get INR 10 lakhs in prize money (taxes included) and technical leadership expertise from NXP India.

Eligibility: Startups: as long as 10 years after the date of registration or incorporation; registered as a limited liability partnership, private limited company, or registered partnership firm in India; For every fiscal year from incorporation/registration, turnover has not surpassed one hundred crore rupees; actively developing, innovating, or improving goods, procedures, or services; or having a scalable company plan that has the ability to create jobs or money

Area: Automotive (In-Vehicle Networking/Network Processing); Automotive (Electrification/E-Mobility); Automotive (ADAS & Autonomous Driving); Industrial & IoT (Smart City); Industrial & IoT (Smart Fabs – Logistics & Factory Automation, Robotics); Industrial & IoT (Smart Home); Health (Personal Devices); Health (Diagnostics, Monitoring, Therapy)

Last Date: March 12th, 2024

Link to apply:

Host: NXP Semiconductors

Amount: Total prize money of INR 10 Lakhs

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