OpenAI Accuses New York Times of 'Hacking' ChatGPT
OpenAI Accuses New York Times of ‘Hacking’ ChatGPT

The Allegations by OpenAI Against The New York Times

Published on October 28, 2021

The Background:

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research lab, has recently accused The New York Times of “hacking” their language AI model, ChatGPT, in order to build a copyright case against them. This accusation has stirred up a lot of controversy and debate within the tech community.

The Allegations:

OpenAI alleges that journalists at The New York Times accessed and modified the underlying code of ChatGPT without authorization, in an attempt to gather evidence for a potential legal battle over copyright infringement. They claim that this unauthorized access violated their terms of service and was done with malicious intent.

The Response:

The New York Times has denied these accusations, stating that they have not engaged in any illegal or unethical behavior. They claim that their journalists were simply investigating the capabilities and limitations of AI models like ChatGPT for journalistic purposes, and did not intend to misuse or manipulate the technology in any way.

The Implications:

This incident raises important questions about ethics, privacy, and intellectual property rights in the era of AI. As AI models become more powerful and widely used, it is crucial for organizations to establish clear guidelines and boundaries for their use to prevent instances of misuse or abuse.


It remains to be seen how this dispute between OpenAI and The New York Times will be resolved. Both parties have made strong statements defending their positions, but ultimately it will be up to legal experts and regulators to determine whether any wrongdoing occurred. In the meantime, this case serves as a reminder of the complex challenges that arise when cutting-edge technology intersects with legal and ethical considerations.

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