India Cellular & Electronics Association Seeks Tariff Cuts in Union Budget to Compete with China, Vietnam
India Cellular & Electronics Association Seeks Tariff Cuts in Union Budget to Compete with China, Vietnam

The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has urged the government to reduce import tariffs on mobile phone components in the upcoming Union Budget. The industry body believes that this move will help Indian manufacturers compete better with countries like China and Vietnam.

The ICEA has cited high import duties as a major barrier to growth for the Indian electronics industry. With lower tariffs, local manufacturers can source components at competitive prices and reduce production costs. This will enable them to offer products at more affordable prices, making them more appealing to consumers.

Benefits of Tariff Cuts:

  • Boost domestic manufacturing
  • Create more job opportunities
  • Promote self-reliance in electronics production
  • Increase exports of electronics goods
  • Enhance competitiveness in global markets

Challenges Faced by Indian Manufacturers:

Indian manufacturers have been struggling to compete with their counterparts in countries like China and Vietnam due to factors such as high production costs, lack of infrastructure, and complex regulatory environment. The high import duties on mobile phone components further exacerbate these challenges.

“Reducing import tariffs will level the playing field for Indian manufacturers and allow them to grow their businesses without being hampered by cost constraints,” said Mr. Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of ICEA.

Growth Potential of Indian Electronics Industry:

The Indian electronics industry has immense potential for growth, given the country’s large consumer base and increasing demand for electronic devices. By reducing import duties on key components, the government can stimulate investment in domestic manufacturing facilities and boost overall economic growth.

Call to Action:

The ICEA is calling upon the government to prioritize tariff cuts on mobile phone components in the upcoming Union Budget as a strategic move to propel the growth of the Indian electronics industry. This proactive step will not only benefit local manufacturers but also align with the government’s vision of Make in India.

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