The Kolkata Metro has announced a special service for cricket fans attending the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in the city. In order to cater to the large crowds expected during the night matches, the metro will now be running trains until midnight on match days.

Convenience for Fans

This move is aimed at providing convenience to fans who attend the matches at Eden Gardens and need to travel back home late at night. With the metro running until midnight, fans can avoid the hassle of finding alternate modes of transportation or waiting for long hours after the match ends.

The Kolkata Metro authorities have stated that this initiative is part of their efforts to make public transportation more accessible and convenient for residents and visitors alike.

Increased Security Measures

In addition to extending the operating hours, the Kolkata Metro has also beefed up security measures to ensure the safety of passengers during late-night rides. Extra security personnel will be deployed at key stations and on trains to handle any emergencies that may arise.

Passengers are advised to cooperate with security personnel and follow all safety protocols while using the metro services during late-night hours.

Positive Response from Fans

The announcement of midnight rides has been met with enthusiasm from cricket fans in Kolkata. Many have expressed appreciation for the convenience it offers, especially during busy match days when traffic congestion is high in the city.

Fans are encouraged to take advantage of this service and plan their journey accordingly to avoid any last-minute rush or inconvenience.

Future Plans

The Kolkata Metro authorities are considering extending the midnight rides service beyond IPL match days if there is a positive response from passengers. This could potentially benefit commuters who work night shifts or attend late-night events in the city.

Stay tuned for further updates on this initiative as it unfolds!

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