Meta charges an Indian-origin former vice president of corporate espionage and files a lawsuit for document theft.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has filed a lawsuit against its former Vice President of Indian origin, accusing him of stealing confidential documents and engaging in corporate espionage. The lawsuit alleges that the former VP used his position to access sensitive information and trade secrets before leaving the company.


The former VP, who has not been named in the lawsuit, worked at Meta for several years before departing last month. According to the lawsuit, he allegedly downloaded a significant amount of confidential data and documents onto personal devices before leaving the company.

The lawsuit claims that the stolen information includes details about Meta’s upcoming projects, product roadmaps, and proprietary technology. Meta alleges that the former VP shared this information with competitors and other third parties in violation of his confidentiality agreement.

Corporate Espionage Allegations

Meta’s lawsuit accuses the former VP of engaging in corporate espionage by misappropriating trade secrets and using them for personal gain. The company claims that his actions have caused irreparable harm to Meta’s business and reputation.

In a statement, Meta said, “We take allegations of corporate espionage seriously and will pursue all available legal remedies to protect our intellectual property and safeguard our competitive advantage.”

Meta has filed a civil lawsuit against the former VP in federal court, seeking injunctive relief and monetary damages for breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition. The company is also seeking an order to prevent the former VP from further disclosing or using any stolen information.

The lawsuit underscores Meta’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property and maintaining a competitive edge in the tech industry. It serves as a warning to current and former employees about the consequences of engaging in corporate espionage or violating confidentiality agreements.


In conclusion, Meta’s lawsuit against its former VP highlights the serious consequences of corporate espionage and trade secret theft. The company is taking decisive action to hold the individual accountable for his alleged misconduct and protect its valuable assets.

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