Australian Govt Concerned as Meta Deprecates Facebook News

Australian Government Upset as Meta Announces to Deprecate Facebook News

The Australian government has expressed its disappointment and concern after Meta, the parent company of Facebook, announced that it will be deprecating Facebook News and stopping funding deals with news outlets in Australia. This move by Meta has sparked outrage among Australian officials who fear that it will have a negative impact on journalism and media diversity in the country.

Impact on Journalism

This decision by Meta could have far-reaching consequences for journalism in Australia. The funding agreements between Facebook and news outlets were put in place to support quality journalism and ensure that news organizations were fairly compensated for their content. With these agreements now coming to an end, many news outlets could face financial hardship and may be forced to cut back on their coverage or even shut down altogether.

Concerns About Media Diversity

Another major concern is the impact that this move will have on media diversity in Australia. By deprecating Facebook News, Meta is effectively cutting off a major distribution channel for news content. This could result in a more limited range of voices being heard in the media landscape, as smaller or independent news outlets may struggle to reach audiences without the reach of platforms like Facebook.

A Call for Action

The Australian government has called on Meta to reconsider its decision and continue to support quality journalism in the country. Officials have stressed the importance of a diverse and robust media ecosystem, where different perspectives are able to thrive and hold those in power accountable.

Looking Ahead

As this situation continues to unfold, it remains uncertain what the future holds for journalism in Australia. The government has indicated that it may explore regulatory options to address concerns about media diversity and ensure that news outlets are fairly compensated for their work.


In conclusion, the decision by Meta to deprecate Facebook News and stop funding deals with news outlets has caused significant alarm within the Australian government. Officials are calling on Meta to reconsider its decision and continue to support quality journalism in the country. The future of media diversity and journalistic integrity remains uncertain, but it is clear that action needs to be taken to address these pressing issues.

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