Stocks to watch: Zydus Lifesciences, Dr Reddy's, Cochin Shipyard, and PTC Industries shares in focus
Stocks to watch: Zydus Lifesciences, Dr Reddy’s, Cochin Shipyard, and PTC Industries shares in focus

The stock market today is buzzing with activity as investors keep a close eye on the shares of companies like NALCO, Spicejet, MDH, Suzlon, Zee Media, and Suven Pharma. These companies have been in the news recently for various reasons and are now seeing increased interest from traders and investors.

NALCO (National Aluminium Company Limited)

NALCO is one of the leading producers of alumina and aluminum in India. The company has been in the spotlight due to its strong performance in recent quarters and expectations of higher demand for aluminum products. Investors are optimistic about NALCO’s growth prospects and this has led to an increase in its stock price.


Spicejet is one of the major players in the Indian aviation industry. The company has been making headlines for its cost-cutting measures and efforts to enhance passenger experience. Investors are closely watching Spicejet’s performance as they believe that it could be poised for growth in the coming months.

MDH (Mahashian Di Hatti Limited)

Mahashian Di Hatti Limited, popularly known as MDH, is a renowned Indian spice company. The stock of MDH has been on an upward trend as consumers continue to demand its products during the ongoing pandemic. Investors are betting on MDH’s resilience and strong brand presence in the market.

Suzlon Energy Limited

Suzlon Energy Limited is a leading wind turbine manufacturer based in India. The company has been gaining attention for its renewable energy solutions and efforts to expand its global footprint. Investors see potential in Suzlon’s business model and are closely monitoring its stock performance.

Zee Media Corporation Limited

Zee Media Corporation Limited is a prominent media conglomerate with a wide reach across India. The company’s stock has been volatile due to regulatory challenges and changes within the media industry. Investors are evaluating Zee Media’s strategy to adapt to changing market dynamics.

Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Suven Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a pharmaceutical company engaged in research and development of novel drug molecules. The stock of Suven Pharma has attracted investor interest due to its promising pipeline of new drugs and potential partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies. Investors are optimistic about Suven Pharma’s growth prospects in the healthcare sector.

In conclusion,

The shares of NALCO, Spicejet, MDH, Suzlon, Zee Media, and Suven Pharma are capturing the attention of investors for different reasons ranging from strong financial performance to strategic initiatives within their respective industries. It will be interesting to see how these companies perform in the coming days amid evolving market conditions and investor sentiment.

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