Encroachment of Lotus Pond in broad daylight
Encroachment of Lotus Pond in broad daylight

In recent months, a concerning trend has emerged in our community – the encroachment of the beautiful Lotus Pond that sits at the heart of our town. This once tranquil and pristine natural oasis has become the target of individuals looking to exploit its beauty for personal gain.

Lotus Pond:

The Lotus Pond has long been a symbol of peace and tranquility for our community. Its serene waters and blooming lotus flowers have provided a place of respite for residents and visitors alike. Unfortunately, this precious natural resource is now under threat from those seeking to profit from its beauty.


In recent weeks, there have been reports of individuals illegally constructing structures on the banks of the Lotus Pond. These encroachments not only disrupt the natural ecosystem of the pond but also pose a danger to the delicate balance of plant and animal life that call it home.


The encroachment of the Lotus Pond poses a serious threat to our community’s environment and heritage. The construction activities are destroying plants and wildlife habitats, polluting the water, and ultimately degrading this once pristine natural resource.

Action Needed:

It is imperative that steps be taken immediately to halt further encroachments on the Lotus Pond. Local authorities must enforce existing regulations and take swift action to remove any illegal structures that have been built without proper permits.

Community Response:

As concerned citizens, we must come together to protect and preserve the Lotus Pond for future generations. We can organize clean-up events, raise awareness about the importance of conservation, and advocate for stronger environmental protections in our community.


The encroachment of the Lotus Pond in broad daylight is a disturbing trend that threatens to destroy one of our community’s most cherished natural resources. It is up to all of us to take action and ensure that this beautiful oasis remains intact for years to come.

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