Govt Clarifies AI Model Launch Doesn't Require Permission
Govt Clarifies AI Model Launch Doesn’t Require Permission

The Centre’s Decision on AI Model Launching

The Government of India has recently clarified that the advisory requiring permission for launching artificial intelligence (AI) models does not apply to startups. This clarification comes as a relief to many startup companies in the tech industry who have been eager to innovate and deploy AI technologies without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.


Earlier this year, the government issued an advisory that mandated all entities – including individuals, organisations, or companies – to seek approval before deploying any AI system. This was seen as a move to regulate the use of AI and ensure responsible deployment of these powerful technologies.

However, concerns were raised by many in the startup community who felt that this requirement could stifle innovation and hinder their ability to compete in the global market. The government has now responded to these concerns by stating that startups are exempt from this requirement, provided they adhere to certain guidelines set out by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Guidelines for Startups

While startups may be exempt from obtaining prior approval for launching AI models, they are still expected to comply with certain guidelines to ensure responsible use of these technologies. These guidelines include:

  • Data Privacy: Startups must ensure that they collect and process data in a secure and ethical manner, respecting the privacy rights of individuals.
  • Fairness: AI models should be designed and deployed in a way that is fair and unbiased, avoiding discrimination against any particular group or individual.
  • Transparency: Startups should be transparent about how their AI models work, providing clear explanations of their functionality and decision-making processes.
  • Safety: AI systems should be designed with safety in mind, minimizing risks associated with potential failures or misuse.

The Future of AI in India

This decision by the government reflects a growing recognition of the importance of fostering innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. By exempting startups from unnecessary regulatory burdens, policymakers are sending a clear signal that they support entrepreneurship and technological advancement in India.

With this clarity around regulations, we can expect to see even more startups leveraging AI technologies to drive growth and create value for customers. The future looks bright for the tech ecosystem in India as entrepreneurs continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence.


In conclusion, the recent clarification by the Government of India regarding the advisory on launching AI models without permission is a positive development for startups in the tech industry. By exempting startups from this requirement while still emphasizing responsible use of AI technologies, policymakers are creating an environment that fosters innovation and encourages entrepreneurship.

We can look forward to seeing how startups leverage artificial intelligence to solve complex problems, drive efficiency gains, and create new opportunities for growth. With these regulatory barriers removed, there is no doubt that we will see exciting developments in the field of AI coming out of India in the years to come.

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